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Our Story

What is CoDBase?

We are a Call of Duty community, who wants to create something enjoyable for the community. We try to manage regurarly cups and keep the players active. We try the best and hope for the best

CoDBase Services

We host ladders and cups for Call of Duty. In CoDbase, clans and players have the ability to arrange matches very easily in several exciting ladders and competitions (called Cups).

Our Team

There are a few admins helping to make it all happen: referees, judges, cup supervisors, ladder supervisors, programmers. The core of admins is called the CoDBase Staff. CoDBase Admins volunteer their time to make everybody’s experience better. They will look after your interests, but will not condone any cheating or abuse.

Super Efficient

Deeply Committed

Highly Skilled


CoDBase Cups are special tournaments that usually last one or two weeks and are aimed at competitive clans. Participating clans are divided into groupes. In the first series of matches in a Cup, clans battle for the first or second spot in their group. After that, play-offs are held. Each Cup has it’s own strict rules and regulations. The cup supervisors and their admins make sure these rules are lived by. just a few guidelines.