🗓️Date: 23. and 24. March 2024.
🗺️Location: Széchenyi István University Hall, 9026 Győr, Egyetem Square 1 – Hungary 🇭🇺
💻PC (40):
CPU: Intel i5-11400K
VGA: RTX 3060
SSD: Samsung 1TB
🖥️ Monitors: Samsung Odyssey G4 LS25BG400EUXEN 240Hz 1ms

🖥️ Event Promo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VhNQeYMMPcw

🖥️Facebook Event:https://www.facebook.com/events/7228144977266365

:4044instagramlogo: We will share the photos and videos taken during the event on Instagram. Follow us on Instagram ( https://www.instagram.com/codbaseeu/)

🖥️ Event Link: https://play.toornament.com/en_GB/tournaments/7431930089048465408/

📺 Streams:
🇬🇧 English Stream: https://www.twitch.tv/codbasetv (Caster: @n1tro )
🇭🇺 Hungarian Stream: https://www.twitch.tv/pierce (Caster: @Pierce )

Day1 (Saturday)
Gate Opening: 07:00 ( Upon first entry, the voucher will be requested and exchanged for 7 wristband by security staff )
A Group Config: 8:00
Group A starts: 09:00
Group A ends : 16:00 (At this point, when your last match over, please pack your things and leave the PC ASAP so that group B can start preparing )
B Group Config: 16:00
Group B starts: 17:00
Group B ends 0:00

Day2 (Sunday)
Venue Opens: 07:00
Playoffs Config: 07:30
Playoffs starts: 08:30
Event ends: 01:00

🏦Rules in the hall:

  • Outside drinks or food are allowed into the venue, but not behind the gaming PC’s, there is no exception for items sold by the venue, such as beer.
  • There will be an established chill zone where you can eat, drink, chat
  • On the first day, it is forbidden to bring alcohol into the hall. (Bar will be 50m away + inner courtyard with benches)
  • Smoking outside the designated area
  • Everyone can bring a closable plastic bottle to their place

  • Additional Rules
  • To avoid delays, all matches must start no later than 10 minutes before the scheduled time. If this does not happen, it is a noshow defeat for the affected team. It is allowed to start in 5v4
  • On halftime only toilet breaks are allowed
  • On the second day (BO3), Only toilet breaks are allowed between maps (No smoking, eating etc breaks)
  • 1 time-out request per half, justification is mandatory. As soon as the error has been resolved, the time request must be interrupted with the /matchtimein command
  • Grand final will be BO3 without map advantage to the Upper Bracket finalist, but the Upper Bracket finalist will start with two ban.
  • The LAN will be played 5v5, however teams can ready up with less players in extraordinary circumstances.
  • Punkbuster must be enabled.
  • anticheats must be disabled.
  • DEMO record mandatory
  • Players have to use nicknames that are clearly understood and clearly differentiate them from their teammates. For streaming purposes, tags must be located before nicknames.
  • For simplicity’s sake and streaming purposes, players should use the nicknames they registered with on LAN.
  • Admins can request a nickname and tag change, when it’s appropriate for them to do so, following the above set rules.
  • You can miss 1 round of a demo, twice a match and only after technical difficulties.
  • Admins on site have the final call on punishments and any disputes. Admins are also fully responsible about who is present at the venue and can decide to remove any person if they seem appropriate.
  • CoDBASE & SZESE & PLAYIT- reserves the right to broadcast every match.
  • CoDBASE & SZESE & PLAYIT – reserves the right to use all audio and visual material created at the venue for promotional and marketing purposes. By participating in the tournament, every player agrees to being part of the media coverage.

  • Technical stuffs
    • Everyone brings their own equipment (Mouse, Keyboard, headphones, mouse pad)A limited number of everything will be available on siteConnect external device via USB, or via Bluetooth to the gaming PC’s during the match it is forbidden. If you experience something like this, or one of the head admin spots it, the whole team will be banned immediately from the event.Using mobile phone during the rounds to check pictures, spots, whatever is also forbidden. In halftime you can use the Notes to check the actual or next taxes, but during the game you are not allowed to do it.From the above mentioned rule, the paper-based solutions, or simple notes are exceptions.During halftime, or tech-pause, checking the online stream on phones, or in your own web browser, also forbidden.

Parking: The free parking is in the place marked on the map, the barrier will be opened with a ticket
Acommodation: Check-in for accommodation at the location marked on the map. You have to say the name of the team captain (which was entered on your sheet) They will ask you how many nights you have stayed, you have to pay and they will give you the key

Good luck to all teams and players!